A Journey Of Self Discovery - Finding Purpose After An Exit | Ryan Vaughn

E45:  Ryan Vaughn - Executive Coach/Founder of Inside Out Leadership

Today Todd Sullivan is joined by Ryan Vaughn, the founder of VNN Sports, one of the largest marketing platforms in the U.S. for high school sports.

Ryan caught the entrepreneurial bug at an early age when he started selling Pogs to his classmates in the fourth grade. Through the following years of self-discovery, as well as trial and error, Ryan raised capital and willed VNN to life. Ryan made the decision to personally exit his business in 2020 and now coaches, executives and founders through their entrepreneurial journeys at his latest company, Inside Out Leadership.

Today, Ryan and I talk about the resiliency and optimism required for entrepreneurs to build a company against serious headwinds that are often hard to anticipate. We talk about how lonely it can be in the CEO seat when making major decisions that can seriously affect the lives of your family, partners and employees. And finally, we debate when a founder should personally exit the business to focus on his or her next stage of life and leave part of their entrepreneurial legacy in the hands of others.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Ryan Vaughn.

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Inside Out Leadership - https://www.leadinsideout.io/

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A Journey Of Self Discovery - Finding Purpose After An Exit |  Ryan Vaughn
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