$100M Exit to Monster + IPO | Rick Marini

Today, we are joined by Rick Marini, a serial entrepreneur with 25 years of operational and investment experience - Rick has had three exceptional exits in tickle.com, talk.co and BranchOut. In today's conversation, we dive into Rick's learnings and advice from selling tickle.com to monster for a hundred million dollars, as well as his experience in investing in more than 17 unicorns as an Angel Investor. We also hear the story behind how Rick and his team bought the company Grindr and are taking it public later this year. One of my favorite characteristics about Rick, which you'll hear about throughout this podcast, is his willingness to spend time to mentor and invest in and genuinely root for his fellow founder.
E3: On today's episode we hear from Rick Marini.  Rick is a serial entrepreneur with 25 years of operating and investing experience in the technology space. He founded and successfully sold 3 companies (Tickle, BranchOut and Talk.co). He is an active angel investor in 50 tech start-ups including 17 unicorns (including Snapchat, Reddit, Opendoor, and AngelList).  In 2018, Rick was named a "Top 50 Angel Investor" by Forbes.

Rick is also the Co-founder & Managing Partner of Catapult Capital - a private equity firm that focuses on transactions in the Internet, advertising, media, consumer and broader technology sectors. Full buyouts include Grindr and JibJab. Rick currently serves as the COO of Grindr and on the Board of Directors for JibJab.

Rick was the Founder & CEO of BranchOut, the largest professional network leveraging the social graph with more than 800 million professional profiles. BranchOut raised $49 million in funding from Accel, Redpoint, Mayfield, Norwest and Floodgate. In 2014, BranchOut was acquired by a publicly-traded recruiting company.

Rick was Founder & CEO of Talk.co, an enterprise messaging app. In 2014, Talk.co was acquired by Hearst Corporation. Rick ran the Digital Innovation Group at Hearst from 2014-2016.

In 1999, Rick co-founded Tickle.com, one of the largest social media sites on the Internet. In 2002, Tickle won the “Rising Star” Webby Award as the fastest growing site on the Web. Tickle grew to more than 200 million registered users and was a top 20 Internet site. In 2004, Monster Worldwide acquired Tickle for $100 million.

Beyond Rick's depth of knowledge and experience, he is an amazing human being - he generously gives his time to coach and mentor early-stage companies and is a huge advocate for new founders looking for advice, support, and investment in Silicon Valley.


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$100M Exit to Monster + IPO | Rick Marini
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