The Top 3 Attributes Of Any Sellable Business | Mike Finger

Mike Finger highlights the three elements all small business owners should focus on when building a company for a future M&A exit:
  • Are your business results desirable?  Will an acquirer see value and opportunity in what you have built?
  • Can a buyer duplicate your results?  Can the buyer run the business without you?
  • Can you document your results?  Is there a playbook written that can be followed once you are gone?

Mike Finger is a serial entrepreneur and business advisor who's built and sold four companies.

His first exit was not for the faint of heart and provided expensive lessons for the rest of his entrepreneurial career. Mike built his first company to 50 people, and after ten years of growth, he decided to sell. However, after several attempts to work out deals with multiple buyers, Mike's investment bank told him that his business was just not in a position to sell.

Although this is something any decent investment bank or M&A Advisor should know before taking a company on as a client, Mike spent the next four years fixing the mistakes in his business and eventually sold the company.

Resigned to not letting other small business owners go through his pain, today, Mike shares with us how to position small businesses for successful exits at Exit Oasis.

We hope you enjoy the conversation with Mike Finger.


The Top 3 Attributes Of Any Sellable Business | Mike Finger
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