DealRoom and M&A Science, Founder and CEO | Kison Patel

E20: Today, my guest is a very experienced and well-known M&A professional and entrepreneur, Kison Patel.  Kison entered the M&A world as a sell side M&A advisor representing commercial banks and hotel chains. 

Over the years, with hundreds of transactions under his belt, Kison realized that many business acquirers lacked efficient technology to manage their transaction ins and to ultimately make them successful. To address this problem in 2011, Kison founded Deal Room, an M&A lifecycle management platform for buyers to improve transaction processes and post M&A integrations.

Then in 2016, he founded M&A Science, a collection of M&A educational resources to share M&A, best practices and training anyone looking to master M&A.  In our conversation, Kison and I discuss what we're doing to improve on the M&A industry's performance when it comes to selling companies and also how buyers can improve post integration processes to deliver the value that all parties envision.

A few episode highlights:

(2:56) ... How Kison's early exposure to real estate gave him a launching pad into M&A
(8:25) ...  How Kison's experience in M&A influences his view of dealmaking in 2023

(25:34) ... The launch of M&A Science

(29:25) ... Final advice for founders considering an exit - preparation and curiosity.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Kison Patel.
DealRoom and M&A Science, Founder and CEO  |  Kison Patel
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