What It's Like To Sell To Apple | Joe Meyer

E26: On today's episode of the Cashing Out podcast we have a very experienced operator and entrepreneur Joe Meyer. Joe has built several large business units within larger companies like Upper Deck, PWC and eBay.

And he's founded and sold multiple companies to corporate behemoths like AOL and Apple. Joe attributes much of his success to his unwavering perseverance, which was driven home when his college baseball career was painfully cut short. Joe and I also talk about the Herculean efforts needed to get any new business off the ground and then properly positioned to sell when these same businesses are often days from bankruptcy before finding sustainable success.

Finally, we'll learn about Joe's latest venture ExecThread, which is a peer to peer job sharing network. Joe has built ExecThread to close to 1 million of the highest quality business leaders from all walks of life who uncover and share some of the most sought after private job listings for top executives across the globe.

Episode Highlights:

7:18 - As an entrepreneur, the value of selling in the 4th inning

9:40 - Raising Venture Capital may not be the most effective barometer for entrepreneurial success

11:48 - How the regret of leaving his Division 1 baseball team changed everything about Joe's professional career

24:13 - What It's Like To Sell To Apple

30:32 - What was the first thing Joe did after selling HopStop to Apple

34:59 - Joe's next venture, ExecThread

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What It's Like To Sell To Apple | Joe Meyer
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