M&A Advice from Time's Top 100 Most Influential | Jay Adelson

Jay Adelson is a serial entrepreneur, having built companies such as Equinix, Digg, Revision3, SimpleGeo, Opsmatic and Scorbit. Jay currently serves as Chairman and Co-founder at Scorbit, a connected gaming company, as well as Co-founder and General Partner of Center Electric, LLC, a venture firm he Co-founded in 2014.
E9: Today I have a special guest, friend and prolific entrepreneur, Jay Adelson.

Jay is a serial entrepreneur, having co-founded and built countless significant companies over the last 20+ years: 
  • Founded Equinix (EQIX) in 1998, eventually helping drive to a successful IPO 
  • Helped launch Digg, Inc. and providing initial business strategy, taking the role of CEO beginning in 2005
  • Co-founded Revision3, holding roles of CEO and then as Chairman until their sale to Discovery Communications
  • CEO of SimpleGeo, and led the sale to Urban Airship in November, 2011
  • Co-founded Opsmatic, serving as Chairman and led the sale to New Relic in October, 2015
  • Currently serves as Chairman and Co-founder at Scorbit, a connected gaming company
  • Currently a Co-founder and General Partner of venture firm Center Electric, LLC

Jay's incredible entrepreneurial talents are second to none, so it comes as no surprise that in 2008, Time Magazine named Jay one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in the World.

Jay shares some of the lessons he's learned so we can all be a little smarter when it comes time to sell our businesses someday.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Jay Adelson.


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M&A Advice from Time's Top 100 Most Influential | Jay Adelson
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