How A Hulk Hogan Lawsuit Launched A Career in M&A | Greg Lopez

E28: On today's episode of the Cashing Out podcast we speak to Greg Lopez, a very experienced operator and entrepreneur with a deep financial and accounting background.

Greg’s superpower is clearly his financial expertise - so, you'll hear his warnings for CEOs who need to better manage businesses around cash flow instead of the P&L. We discuss how buyers and sellers clash over net working capital adjustments, which is one of the most contested issues in M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) transactions. You'll learn how Greg believes that M&A is the ultimate sales process and how being prepared to sell at any time is critical to taking advantage when the right buyer comes knocking.

Today, Greg has found his calling at Eventus Advisory Group helping entrepreneurs, small business owners, and CEOs to understand their pain points around finance and accounting as a fractional CFO.

Episode Highlights:

4:38 - How Hulk Hogan brought down Gawker Media
10:30 - Selling The Wirecutter to The New York Times
18:45 - What is Net Working Capital, and why is it so important in Mergers & Acquisitions
25:37 - Landing at FUTURISM, and helping to launch the Gravity brand
28:22 - Selling off the FUTURISM brand to Singularity University
34:49 - The sale of the Gravity brand, and how COVID nearly killed the deal
40:14 - A lifetime of M&A lessons from Greg Lopez
45:28 - Partnering with good friend, Aaron Spool, to build out Eventus Advisory Group

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How A Hulk Hogan Lawsuit Launched A Career in M&A | Greg Lopez
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