Sold to Facebook | Ben Lewis

Todd is joined by Ben Lewis, a special guest and great friend. Ben has had two substantial exits, including one to Facebook just hours before they went public in 2012.
E1: Ben Lewis has had two significant exits that we cover in Episode 1 of Cashing Out.  

The first was Tapjoy, an extremely successful mobile ads platform doing more than $100M in revenue, which Ben sold to Offerpal in 2010.  There was a big internal debate of whether Ben and his co-founder should sell the business when they did, and what ultimately happened with the business.

Ben's next business was called Karma Science which was a social commerce app focused on helping people give meaningful gifts from their mobile phones. Karma was acquired by Facebook just hours before Facebook went public in 2012 - there are a ton of learning that came out of that experience, and there are a few great Mark Zuckerberg stories, as well.


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Sold to Facebook | Ben Lewis
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